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of air force one. president obama is going to be on that plane and departing for oregon this morning at 8:35 in the morning. at least that's what the itinerary says right now. last night the presidential motorcade brought him into the wealthy community of woodside last night. the president had a dinner of john door. but john door was the -- but john door wasn't the only one there. mark zuckerberg, larry ellison are among the invited guests. specifically it was discussing his proposal to investigate in research at development and expand companies to grow and hire. it's part of an on going campaign. he spoke to the chamber of commerce earlier this year about similar ideas about growing the economy about how businesses can spend more money. president is planning to leave the bay area this morning. he will go to hillsborough oregon. he will meet with intel ceo. he is scheduled to give him a tour of one of the most sophisticating chip manufacturing companies in the world. ment cooing up at 5:30 i will try to find out when the president will arrive and how. we understand he left here in marin--
with president obama's message to egypts president. >>> the latest diplomatic cables show concerns that al qaeda is on the verge of producing radio active weapons. in one of the cables published, a leading atomic regulator warn of the a nuclear 9/11. if supplies were not secured against terrorist. and at a nato meeting in january 2009, security chief said al qaeda was plotting a program of radio active roadside bombs. >>> a massive blizzard has paralyzed people with ice and snow. parts of the midwest could get up to 17 inches of snow. this is video from chicago take an short time ago. the gusts were strong enough to tear pieces of the roof off wrigley field. the home of the chicago cubs. we will have a live report from chicago in just a few minutes. >>> the blizzard back east is forcing the cancellation of thousands of flights across the country. anyone heading to a bay area airport should call ahead. there were dozens of cancellations yesterday. more travel troubles are expected today. one travel agent told u.s. today hundreds of bay area super bowl fans heading to texas are stuck waiting for t
demonstrators. coming up in 15 minutes the obama administration is increasing pressure on president mubarak to step down. why the egyptian president says he can't. >>> just hours ago a fire at a homeless shelter forced hundreds of people to evacuate. this is just before 2:00 a.m. on little orchard drive. kraig debro is there. what's happening? >> reporter: hundreds of homeless people jolted out of bed by a fire alarm. it started right behind me. you see that door right there it's propped open a little bit so people can get air in there. people are cleaning up what is remaining of the laundry room. now we video tape these pictures of the laundry room. it doesn't look like a total loss. the fire department says the sprinkler system kept down the flames until the crews arrived here six minutes before the 2:00 a.m. call. more than 215 people sleeping here tonight said the alarm was a jolt but there was an orderly evacuation. that evacuation took minutes according to the homeless person. hundreds of people had to wait outside in the cold any way. >> i was sleeping everything and then fire starte
there is is frustration and confusion at the white house this morning. alison. >> reporter: pam, president obama does seem to be taking his toughest stance yet against egypt's president after hosni mubarak surprised everyone and announced last night he staying in office. let's take a look here at the statement issued by president obama after mubarak's speech. he said the egyptian government must put forward a credible concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy. it was expected in the obama administration that he would announce his resignation last night. part of what set off that expectation were comments from the cia when asked about media reports that mubarak would be stepping down. >> i got the same information you did that there is a strong likelihood that mubarak will step down this evening which would be significant. >> reporter: the cia has been under fire for weeks now for not having better information about what is going on in egypt. we are trying to find out this morning if president obama is going to be talking about this crisis today. he does not have any public events on his sched
new details about the guest list at last weeks exclusive silicon valley dinner that president obama atepidded last week. according to the center of responsive politics. ten of the 11 companies contributed financially to mr. obama's 2008 presidential campaign. for example google donated $803,000 to the president's campaign. yahoo $164,000. facebook $34,000. and twitter which was the least generous of the group $750. >>> in israel they are trying to figure out a way to allow google street view to photo photograph street videos. yesterday a team of israeli cabinet members constructed experts to work with google to find a safe way to implement the feature. >>> there is new graffiti threatening president obama and jerry brown. one said quote governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up nearby less than a mile away. the secret service and california highway patrol are investigating. >>> time now 5:17. let's check in with sal. it has been quiet in the commute. >> it has been. today is the day a lot o
is coming to the forefront and he says president obama must catch up with the will of the egyptian people. >> i have much admiration for him but i tell him you need to review the policy. you need to let go of him. you need to start building confidence with the people. >> reporter: president obama is sending a special envoy to egypt dealing with this very delicate diplomatic situation. the white house is calling for free and fair elections. and now encouraging the president not to run again. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> so far roughly 1200 americans have made it out of egypt. among them robert vowel, assistant dean at uc berkeley's bolt law school and his wife. the couple arrived at sfo last night. they were leading a berkeley alumni trip to cairo but had to cut the trip short because of demonstrations. they tell us here at ktvu they witnessed crying, yelling and fistfights during a 14 hour ordeal at the airport. >> after we left we understand huge muleys broke out in the airport itself. so you felt like you were getting on that last helicopt
's meeting at 7:00 . >>> president obama is coming to the area. president obama is trying to rally support for his recently released budget. among the executives due to meet with the president, facebook's ceo and apple's steve jobs. the president will spend the night in san francisco before heading out tomorrow morning to oregon for a tour of an intell plant there. >>> we know we have big problems in the commute don't we, sal? >>> i just changed something up here because i just heard of an accident blocking all lanes. guys in the control room -- thank you very much, ken, lawrence and crew. northbound 280 at 101 there's an accident now reported to be blocking all the lanes. i just heard that on chp. the fire department still arriving on the scene. engine 32 coming in off of monterey. they're not there yet. but this is at the 280 interchange. i just heard all lanes are blocked. on 280 coming up. in fact they just called another engine company from near city college station to come up there and help with this major accident. so we'll keep an eye on it for you. let's go out and take a look at
how to use them. let's go back to the desk. >>> the obama administration is expressing grave concern about libya's violent crackdown on protestors. alison burns is live with the reports out of libya from human rights groups. alison. >> reporter: human rights reports say more than 200 protestors have been killed and the obama administration is demanding an end to the use of thee -- lethal force. this is some of the video that has been posted. the u.s. is threatening to take all appropriate action in response. at this point it's unclear what the action would be. the protestors have seized military bases and weapons. the son of libyan leader delivered a rambling speech offering concessions but threatening civil war and a blood bath if the demonstrations don't stop. >> we will be crying over thousands. blood will flow. rivers of blood and all the cities of libya. >> reporter: oil prices are soring as the libya protest intensify. one major oil company has suspended operations there. i'll have more on that for you during my next update in an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. >
. all right. we continue to monitor that unfolding crisis in cairo. the obama administration is facing criticism as its policies for egypt are not making many people happy. but is that on purpose? >>> and no doubt the giants world series run brought an economic boost to san francisco, but what it did to the police department has some calling for change. >>> good morning. right now traffic in san raphael looks good coming down from novato. so far okay. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >>> we have breaking news in san francisco. a fire has just gone to two alarms. 16th street near market between market and castro. one of our cameras is catching the smoke coming up now. again, this is breaking news in san francisco. 16th and market a fire in a building. they've just dispatched a second alarm so firefighters will be arriving there -- or more firefighters will be arriving there shortly. we don't know if anyone is hurt but we do have a crew on the way. 5:13. back to the desk. >>> all right. thank you, sal. we'll check back in just a little bit. as protests get more violent in e
to freezing spending at what they call inflated levels. >>> this morning president obama is congratulating his former chief of staff on a big victory. ram emanuel is now mayor of chicago. he needed more than 50% of the votes to avoid a runoff, and he got it. overnight the president said the win is well-deserved. emanuel has worked in the white house since the beginning of the obama administration. he resigned in october to run for mayor. >>> time now 5:15. later today the san jose police officer's association will give us an update on their contract negotiations. now the city of san jose is facing a $110 million budget deficit. mayor chuck reed is calling for 10% pay cuts from eleven unions to try to help avoid layoffs and also cuts to city services. also tonight san jose's new top cop will be sworn in. last night the city council unanimously approved the city manager's choice of chris moore to become the new police chief. moore has been serving as acting chief since october when the former chief, rob davis, stepped down. >>> the san jose police department's horse unit may become the latest vi
to slash billions of dollars out of president obama's transportation budget which by the way was also released yesterday. >>> time now 5:38. go back over to sal because some of the roads are wet this morning. and then people should prepare this morning for a pretty tough afternoon commute. right? >>> that's right. one of the things we like to warn you about is getting there may be a little easier than not getting there. we already have a crash this morning southbound 880 at mission boulevard. this morning the commute isn't that bad weather-wise as that crash is there. we'll see what happens. again, steve has been telling us this afternoon we're not going to have a really good commute. so i will just go ahead and say if you can take public transportation, you might be better off. let's move along and take a look at live pictures. 880 a little farther up in oakland looks good in both directions. morning commute on westbound bay bridge that traffic is moving welcoming into san francisco. let's get to steve. >>> sal, thank you, sir. very good morning to you all. cloudy skies. light rain.
would also reduce u.s. influence over egypt. president obama's budget that he submits to congress next week is expected to maintain military aid to egypt. >>> in italy prosecutors are demanding that premier stand trial immediately in a sex scandal involving a 17-year-old girl. the italian leader is blasting the action as disgusting saying it's designed to topple his government. prosecutors claim he had sex with the girl and paid her to keep quiet. both he and the girl deny any sexual relations. the judge is expected to decide on an indictment within the next two weeks. >>> time now 5:47. twin brothers from tracy now among the five final pairs to have a nascar race renamed in their honor. marines were nominated by their god mother for the contest to rename a race after a military hero. daniel, that's him on the right there, was killed in afghanistan in 2009 by a roadside bomb. matthew says if he wins, the race will be called a hanson brothers 400. >>> tent city on the northern edge of downtown sacramento will become a ghost town in just a couple of days. county supervisors have given th
. >>> president obama is meeting this morning with the nation's governor at the white house. last night at a dinner he told the governors he wants to hear their ideas on how to fix the slowly recovering any. the governor's office says he has important impress i i have owe. >>> 5:17 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> traffic is moving along pretty nicely around the bay area. if you are starting off in oakland, it should be a nice drive for you. driving past the coliseum. also this morning we are looking at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. that traffic is moving along nicely look at the road sensors here. i fine things moving long pretty well. we are our to a nice start. let's go to steve. >>> we have a mix of sun and today. that system that's the system that will be playing in our area. so the farther north you go possibility of rain but you can see the dividing line here. napa airport is 39. mostly clear. 44 in santa rosa. so 30s for some. still 33 livermore. at least that's what they say. 30s and 40s san roe fell. today a high of 46 degrees about the same
the release of an embassy worker charged with murder. president obama sent kerry to pakistan to argue that raymond davis should not be tried in pakistan any court. davis has been detained in pakistan since january 27th after he fatally shot two armed pakistani men that were on motorcycles. in the meantime many pakistanis you see them in this street now calling for davis to be executed. the taliban has warned anybody who helps to free davis will be targeted. >>> in iran today we are hearing reports of clashes at a memorial service for a student killed during antigovernment protests in ty ran on monday. progovernment supporters forced antigovernment activist to leave the memorial by chanting slogans. now the state department is protesting violent protest as alison burns reports the u.s. has critical interest in this small persian gulf kingdom. >> reporter: it looks very similar to what we witnessed in egypt. this is video we pulled off of you tube thus morning after thousands of tourists pulling into a main square. it's the third day of demonstrations in a kingdom that is known to the u
obama will continue his efforts to make peace with big businesses with a big speech at the u.s. chamber of commerce. during the midterm elections the chamber financed a $50 million adam campaign. the president has tried to each out to big business. he said boosting the economy requires business working together. >>> the vat tan is investigating a serious security breech tied to a little boy. the boy managed to slip past security guards during the pope weekly address. you can see the boy running forward. he fell to his knees. the pope responded with a smile and briefly chatted with the boy. vatican security guards are not smiling. >>> the outcome of the game isn't the only thing about the super bowl that is being talked about this morning. ♪ so proudly hail at the twilight lasts gleaming ♪ >> that is christina aguilera making a bit of a mistake. she sang the leeric so proudly we hailed twice. once where it was supposed to be and then again when she was supposed to be singing the ram parking lots we watched were so gallantly streaming. she went on to sing the rest of the anthem correc
obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to geneva to coordinate a response with other international leaders. >> throughout this time of transition the united states will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice and stand up for the dignity of all people. >> reporter: now the u.s. is considering punishments for brutal treatment of demonstrators including freezing the country's bank account, imposing a international arms embargo and a no-fly zone over the country. there are several reports that gadafi is going to be making another public statement soon. i will stay on top of that for you and have the latest here on the morning news. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the justice department is considering bringing captured somali pirates to the u.s. to face trial for murder. the f.b.i. is also trying to determine how the hijacking of four americans in the arabian sea turned deadly two days ago. there are two main theories. two rival groups of pirates may have disagreed over whether to accept an offer during negotiati
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